About SEOC


The SUNY EOCs are a system of educational enterprises that serve eligible adult learners.  As part of this system, the Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center delivers comprehensive, community-based academic and workforce development.  The Center also provides support services leading to enhanced employment opportunities, and access to educational and vocational opportunities which enable personal growth and development.


The SUNY Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) is one of ten such centers in the state of New York, all placed strategically in the “big five” (Buffalo, Capital District, Rochester, Syracuse, and Schenectady) and New York City. Each EOC throughout the state has an administering SUNY campus. Our administering campus is Morrisville State College. 
Founded over 50 years ago, the mission of the EOC system is to “provide urban communities with innovative academic programs leading to higher education, and vocational training programs leading to gainful employment and economic self-sufficiency.”*  

The Center has expanded its instructional programs over the years and presently offers both academicvocational, and workforce development programs. New courses and programs are constantly being developed to meet the needs of our students and to reflect the requirements of higher education institutions and the workforce.