Free Tutoring Lab


100 New Street 

Syracuse NY, 13202 

(315) 472-0130 


The TUTORING CENTER is a supportive environment where students practice the skills needed to help them achieve academic success. We serve the needs of a variety of students. The majority of students are preparing for the TASC (The replacement for the GED test in New York State), but we also get students preparing for entrance exams to start college classes or other academic programs, prospective students who are working on improving their skills to take the TABE test, and those who have not met the TABE requirements and are working on their skills to retake the exam. There are also current EOC students, college students working on papers or other assignments, and others who need to improve their reading and math skills for employment exams or self-improvement. 


For students currently in classes, tutoring supplements classroom instruction by assisting students in gaining a deeper understanding of course content and enhancing their learning development. Tutors employ various instructional strategies to address individual student needs and build students' confidence in their own abilities. Each student comes with individual needs based on his or her unique gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed. We therefore make sure we have tutors available in a variety of academic disciplines to assist them. 


Computers with internet access are also available for students to do internet research, type and edit papers, prepare resumes and do job searches. 


The tutoring lab is also open to the public with the same services available. 


Tutoring Lab Hours:  Monday-Thursday, 1:00pm – 7:30pm