The GED Exam is the high school equivalency exam given in New York State. Individuals who pass the GED exam receive an equivalency diploma. The GED Exam assesses your proficiency in four areas: Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), Social Studies, Science and Mathematical Reasoning. Individuals must score a 145 in each subtest to pass that subtest, and must pass all five subtests to receive their diploma. You do not have to pass all five areas at once. You can earn your diploma from passing subtests in multiple testing sessions; however, you are limited to taking the TASC exam to three sessions in one year.  

Each individual has strengths and weaknesses which determine their readiness to take the GED exam, which is the high school equivalency exam given in New York State. Therefore it is impossible to estimate the amount of time it will take you to pass the GED exam. When you enroll in the EOC’s High School Equivalency Program, we prepare you for the four subtests of the GED: Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning. We also give students the practice exam which assesses their preparedness to sit for the exam. We want our students to be fully prepared to take and pass the exam and obtain their equivalency diploma! 

The GED Exam is given once a week every month at the Syracuse EOC. The test is usually given on a Monday through Thursday. You may take one exam a day or multiple tests within a day if time permits. You also have the option of taking one test per test session. Examinees are required to register at, and have proper identification, . We currently offer computer-based testing.

All programs and services at the Syracuse EOC are tuition-free. An individual’s eligibility depends on a number of different factors, and we always encourage people to contact a counselor to see if they qualify. You can call Student Services to speak with a counselor at 315-472-0130.

In order to support a variety of schedules, the Syracuse EOC offers classes both days and evenings.   

Students must be a New York State resident (or a recently approved refugee), meet income eligibility requirements, and possess a government issued ID card.  Please contact us to learn more about income requirements and acceptable forms of ID.