Taking the TASC Test

The TASC™ is a secure, reliable and valid instrument that is used to verify that examinees have knowledge in core content areas equivalent to that of graduating high school seniors. There are five tests in the TASC™ test Battery: Reading; Writing; Social Studies; Science; and Mathematics.

The test is a two-day exam for the regular TASC exam and can be up to five days for those examinees with accommodations. To ensure that the content and skills measured by the tests remain closely matched to contemporary high school curriculum, the tests undergo regular review.

TASC™ test results will be distributed approximately eight to ten weeks from the date of testing.

Anyone who has resided in New York State for at least thirty (30) days and who is 16 years of age or older (with certain restrictions) on the day of testing may be eligible to take the TASC™ Test. If you under the age of 19 years of age, please check if you are eligible to take the HSE exam and the required forms you may need.

You may also print out the Application A – Application For TASC™ Testing. Mail your completed Attachment A to Syracuse EOC. You will meet with the TASC registrar who will inform you of the next available testing date.

New York State TASC™ examinees seeking accommodations, please visit the Accommodations for Disabilities webpage for general information, directions and application forms. Applicants will be notified of the accommodations decision by mail within 30 business days from the receipt of the accommodations request. Examinees who are approved for accommodations should then contact the test center where they would like to schedule their test session and submit an application to take the TASC along with a copy of their accommodation’s approval. Approvals for accommodations are valid for one year from date of approval, and extensions of previously approved TASC accommodations may also be applied for.

Syracuse EOC TASC test dates