Telecommunications and Cabling


This 133 hour training program provides students with the opportunity and training to start a career in telecommunications and connectivity field. Utilizing programs developed by C-Tech Associates, Inc., students will learn about the history, theory and transmission mediums of various communications systems. Going from theory into practice, students will master the basics and important aspects of copper and fiber optics cabling. Up-to-date industry standards and real-world workplace simunations are an integral part of the program. Upon successful completion of all components of the program, students receive three separate certifications: Telecommunications Technologies, Network Cabling Specialist – Copper and Network Cabling – Fiber Optic. Students are well-prepared for entry-level employement opportunities in the areas of Installation, Maintenance and Repair.


Eligibility Requirements:

- Minimum 8.0 reading score on TABE placement exam

- Minimum 7.0 math score on TABE placement exam

- High School Diploma or Equivalent

- Attend orientation


Elective Courses:

- A variety of computer application courses

- Microsoft Office 2013 certification Training